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I’m almost back to normal after the amazing Parker Art Salon weekend where I exhibited my Wings Series. I’m so happy that most of them flew away to new homes.
These pieces are acrylic paintings on birch cradled panels and are 6 x 8 inches in size. Titles marked with an asterisk are sold.

Before the show opened, I did a tour of the halls and took some photos of the artwork. Some of my personal favourites were: our assembled mural, of course;
Parker Art Salon assembled mural projectDavid Robinson‘s sculpture — a larger-than-life-size figure made of cardboard (yes. cardboard!) and installed over a stairwell —  is another fine addition to David’s signature oeuvre of finely balanced muscular tension;
over life-size male figure made of cardboard, anatomically realistic, and balancing himself on a chair tipped on it's hind legs
Val Nelson‘s masterly ‘loose’ brushwork describing, with oil on canvas, the plastic colour combinations and perspective of an urban construction-site as landscape;

installation shot approx. 6' square oil painting of construction site looking down into deep space made for underground
The cones, that connect conceptually to Val’s subject matter, had a real function — “Wet Paint!”

and Eve Leader‘s waxy, earth-toned, delicate meditations, in oil on mylar, that are at once sensuous and thought provoking.
Check out more of my photo tour (I was not able to capture it all), and the Georgia Straight online newspaper where, along with a photo tour of the halls at Parker Street, my partner and I are shown setting up my paintings for display.



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