Watercolour #4 The Ruckle house kitchen

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This watercolour is the one that I find most interesting so far.
I am enjoying the dark brown flatness of that cut-out shape.
I like the design element of it, and the way it acts as a transition between two images, as well as
the contrast it provides.

I am interested in the way the glass that I was looking through created fragments of the outdoor scene
onto the images of the dark interior.

The structure of the chair and window, and the space that they occupy, anchor the rest of the image.
The rectangle of the window in all the watercolours so far has been my starting point.

It seems to me that there are many possibilities in these images for stories.

This is a tiny painting, only 5 x 7 inches. I feel cramped by the size restriction that I set for myself.
Maybe I’ll change that. Not sure yet.

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  1. Terry Sawatzky

    I love this one and the project ! Especially the way the watercolour translates the natural ” double exposure” effect of the old glass panels.

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