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Red ballpoint pen and black sharpie, on the cover of my latest journal.
I buy the lined Moleskin paperbacks. I like the ones with the coloured covers (pale pink, purple and yellow).

I like to explore variations on mandalas, and just let them unfold without planning.

The covers get added to, whenever I feel the urge to relax with it.


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  1. Laura Bucci

    That’s a pretty nice feather! I haven’t been adding anything to my covers lately but when I do, it’s usually when I’ve finished with the journal. But even if I don’t add anything, I record/feature the date on the cover–beginning and end.

    • donna

      Oh, yes, I put the date on the cover when I start and finish, too. I should have posted the image of the entire cover.
      I am making a painting in the studio with a feather in it, so I was thinking about how it could look.

  2. Lea

    I agree a nice feather and I like the contrast with the Mandela, cheers Lea

    • donna

      That’s the benefit of what I call the ‘visual journal’, for lack of a better definition. I sets up ideas.
      The contrast got me thinking too — something mathematical contrasting with something organic — Plato’s idea of pure forms, and then the ‘real’ world where they don’t actually exist.
      Images and ideas. Isn’t that what artists enjoy?

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