Visiting The Ruckle Farmhouse

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Ruckle Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island


We camped for a week on Salt Spring Island where I was inspired by peering into the windows of the old Ruckle farmhouse.
Because it’s all locked up, the interior can only be seen through the windows, and my camera recorded the reflections on the old glass panels. On some of the photos the light bounced off the dust spots on the glass and created an interesting raindrop effect.

I’m looking forward to making some artwork based on these images — 179 photos in all.

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  1. Terry Sawatzky

    It’s such multilayered effect and concept through time and space. Which leaves you, as the artist, on a voyage of discovery revealing it to yourself and sharing the results of your inquiry through your imagery and imagination.

    • donna

      Yes. Lots of layering going on. And lots of room for interpretation.
      There was the little boy who looked in and wondered if ‘the ghost’ uses the sewing machine during the night.

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