Repainted “Sisters”

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If a painting hangs around my studio any length of time, it tends to get more paint put on it.

I had a grade 9 art teacher who told me I was “a hound for punishment”. She was referring to my tendency to not leave well enough alone and to obsess over my work.

The painting on the left titled “Sisters” didn’t sell when I showed it at The Parker Art Salon in April. I over-painted it and sold it at The Culture Crawl last weekend. It is now out in the world looking much like the image on the right.

Which one do you prefer?


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  1. Lea

    Hi Donna – my initial reply would be the one on the left for reasons of brightness and clarity but my final preference would be the one on the right because of the tonality and drama – cheers Lea

  2. Laura Bucci

    The cool green on the bottom left area of the left Sisters gives a sense of depth–I like that depth/sense of space–but I do prefer the warm tones of the repainted one. I really like the title too!

  3. donna

    Thank you both, for the thoughtful replies. I thought I would just get this or that, but I got explanations as well. Lucky me.

  4. Terry

    The new one has more form in the bodies or the birds, but I think I preferred the treatment of the wings in the previous version.

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